Online design for electronic schematics and circuit boards!

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Schematic Design

Board Design


Online Electronic Design

MeowCAD is an online electronics design application. With it, you'll be able to design schematics like this:

and board layouts like this:

to create circuits like this:

The schematic design and board layout are all online and in the browser.

Free and Open Design

You can import your designs or libraries from other EDA tools to use in your own project or export your own project out of MeowCAD.

Public accounts whose artwork is under permissive licenses are hosted gratis (within reason).

All our code is free and open (AGPLv3 or GPL compatible) and can be found here:



If you have any comments, suggestions or anything else that might be on your mind, please give us some feedback!

We're still working on a lot of features, so if you find something is missing or broken, please be patient with us (and be sure to tell us about it)!